Randall O. Steward
P.O. Box 4384
Lago Vista, Texas


Forest Park High School, Beaumont, Texas - 1981
Tarrant County Junior College, Fort Worth, Texas - Core Courses - 1981-1982
Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas - Electrical Engineering - 1985
Control Data Institute, Houston, Texas - Computer Science - 1986

Personal Statement

Having enjoyed a highly successful career as a consultant and product developer, I have watched the datacom industry reach a level of scope and complexity that disfavors smaller-scale projects. Driven to make a difference in everything I do, 40 years of professional forward-thinking and innovation have prepared me well for the future.

Professional Experience

PCNetworking.net, Lago Vista, Texas - 2002-Present
Specialized communications systems (Owner)
Building on past achievements, my dba PCNetworking.net has completed dozens of server, network, and Internet systems for businesses in various industries. Project leader for several major software, hardware, and network integration efforts. Multiple security clearances for certain clients.

PersonalComputer.net & Texxa Internet Services, Kerrville, Texas - 1999-2012
Internet Service Provider and Backbone Data Aggregator (Founder/Owner)
Offered dial-up, DSL, dedicated line, and wireless broadband Internet service plus VoIP service to business and home users. At its peak, Texxa covered the largest geographical service area of any independent ISP in Texas. High security clearances were granted for access to the nation's communications infrastructure.

Carrera Corporation, Houston, Texas - 1992-2003
Online Insurance Services for Banks and Credit Unions (Founder)
Carrera's primary product was the very first example of what would later be called Software-as-a-Service, providing access to specialized data processing systems over an Internet connection. Held security clearances for international financial systems.

Custom Business Systems / CBSS, Inc., Houston, Texas - 1986-1998
Data Communications Consulting (Founder)
A top-drawer solutions shop formed primarily to provide IT and business intelligence services to Fortune 50 companies. Employing 16 consultants and engineers, CBSS was chosen as the lead consulting organizaton for The Methodist Hospital System and Texas Medical Center in Houston. CBSS was also Houston's first Internet Service Provider designed for business users and specialized in remote access solutions. TS, TS/SCI, and several other security clearances.

Compaq Computer Corporation, Houston, Texas - 1986-1987
Quality Control Engineer (Contractor)
Tested implementations and tracked production line issues for the original DeskPro 386 fabrication facility, recommending manufacturing adjustments and solutions for circuit design problems.

E-Systems Inc., Garland, Texas - 1981
FSAS Printed Circuit Board Designer (Contractor)
Circuit board design and layout for the Flight Services Automation System that now runs at over 18,000 airports. Interpreted engineering documents and notes to create multi-layer mylar diagrams for transfer to their in-house CAD and manufacturing equipment. E-Systems is a major defense and security contractor that helped design anti-missile systems for the F-4G fighter jet and other aircraft. Granted TS-level security clearance.


The common characteristic all of my projects share is that each had never been attempted before. As a primary selection requirement, this provides maximum opportunity for innovation and originality in real-world settings. The non-classified partial list below includes several highlights from my career in data processing and global communications. Presented mostly in reverse chronological order.

* RemoteGauge.com is the first fully-patented oilfield management product to integrate specialized hardware with Motorola's Iridium satellites and Internet data delivery. Remote Gauge is now in the sales cycle and no longer requires my focused attention.

* HomePros.com debuted the concept of social media platforms for major companies and was specially crafted for Home Depot.

* WhoDelivers.com was the first national Website that produced a list of restaurants with delivery services reaching the user's location, powered by Google Map services. Today's services such as GrubHub and DoorDash are modeled on this basic functionality.

* MLSEarthview.com was the first Internet real estate listing and analysis technology to feature searchable listings within geographic boundaries such as subdivisions and neighborhoods. Patented in 2006, this "Google magnet" SEO system achieved the then-impossible feat of consistently placing a client agency's listings in the coveted #1 result position in related searches. Parts of the system were later integrated into Zillow.com.

* Invented the Internet "toaster" for Creative Puzzle LLC. Inspired by the radio ad scheduler developed by 'Wild Bill' Goldsmith at KPIG in California (and RadioParadise.com), this patented system replaced static banner ads with rotating, non-repeating offers from client companies. This technology was sold to Google and formed the core of their global advertising business.

* Founded Polestar Communications, LLC in Kerrville, Texas to provide advanced VoIP solutions for home and business users to displace the incumbent local carrier.

* As a platform for my training as a radio engineer, Texxa Internet Services (texxa.net) was the first to deliver remote access solutions via the Internet for self-storage businesses, RV parks, and other unmanned locations.

* PersonalComputer.net was the first ISP anywhere to offer a completely automated sign-up and provisioning system for dial-up access accounts.

* Authored several data processing articles in computer magazines of the 1980s and 1990s.

* Founded Carrera Corp., which operated a database system that was coined the first online "data warehouse", a massive store of information using Austin's own Btrieve database management system and my custom front-end solution to deliver secure data services to banks and credit unions.

* First to implement a fully autonomous real-time Internet credit card gateway for RealData Inc. of Houston on RDI.com. Written in Perl, this system was the reference model championed by CardServices, Inc. as the standard after which all modern online payment acceptance systems are modeled.

* Designed and implemented the then-largest Novell Netware installation anywhere, supporting thousands of simultaneous users through a single sign-on server. This was a core component of a network consolidation project to eliminate dozens of departmental servers at The Methodist Hospital System in Houston to return mission-critical resources to the data center.

* My first corporation, CBSS, Inc., was founded in 1989 in Houston, Texas. In 1992, CBSS.com debuted one of the very first commercial public-facing Websites and soon became the public Internet's first commercial Web hosting company. CBSS.com is among the oldest domain names continuously owned by its original registrant.

* CBSS worked with Motorola to introduce Internet access via mobile phone, a capability now taken for granted by billions of users worldwide.

* CBSS was Compaq Computer Corporation's lead implementation partner in Houston throughout the 1990s, and specialized in global corporate network systems.

* Consultant to Novell, Inc. in development of their first "Netware Certified" programs. Copied by all others since, this work led directly to the now-ubiquitous online testing and certification industry.

* Creator of IDIoT, a pre-processor for then-current BASIC implementations on PDP, CP/M, and MS-DOS, as a direct challenger to COBOL.

* Prior to founding CBSS, I operated as Customer Business Systems, an early contender in the field of PC virus eradication. Parts of this technology were acquired by John McAfee for his anti-virus products.

* Beginning in the late 1970s, collaborated with Jon Postel and others to formulate early Internet standards and protocols including DNS and SMTP.

* Heavily involved in high-performance auto and motorcycle racing in my younger years, with a focus on exotic models and custom builds.

* A prolific inventor and designer, several of my creations have found their way into mainstream products.